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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?



The problem I hear from so many like you, trying to get over your divorce, is that you are stuck. I understand because I've been there too.

You spend too much time overthinking and ruminating and you don't know how to move forward. You hear great advice on what to do to feel better, but it doesn't seem to work.

You try to be positive, you want to feel happy but you don't know how. It doesn't seem possible to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

I'm Marissa Walter and The Moving On Mindset  is all about taking the steps to get out of that stuck place and to realise the opportunity in your loss.

Of course, our painful stories need to be felt and heard, and when you work with me you will receive that opportunity. One of my strengths is my counselling background which provides the empathy and warmth required for you to share your difficult emotions.

However, staying in that place of expressing grief will not move you forward - the main focus of our work will be change!

As a therapist, I have found my clients get their best results from me gently challenging them to see issues in a new way. When their perspective shifts, it opens up a new way of feeling about a situation!




What Is The Moving On Mindset ?


It's an intensive coaching package which helps you transform the way you feel about your break-up or divorce. We identify the main issues holding you back from moving on and I support you to overcome them using a variety of processes and tools to shift your perspective.

You will gain valuable insights you can use for any challenging situation throughout life, beyond your divorce. You can come back to the materials time and time again whenever you need a change to a new perspective in your life!

What's included?

7 one-to-one coaching sessions

Weekly resources and tasks to work on in between sessions, which are designed to help you reflect on and support your healing and growth.

Email contact with me throughout the length of the programme, to help when you get stuck or to share your wins and breakthroughs - I'll be rooting for you!



Will it work for me?


The Moving On Mindset programme is based on a combination of the processes I used to change my life after my own divorce and techniques I use in my therapy work with clients. These may include:

  • gratitude
  • visualisation
  • positive goal-setting                                                                                                                               
  • inner child connection
  • EFT
  • CBT techniques
  • positive psychology
  • higher self
  • inner self
  • storytelling
  • creating positive beliefs
  • decluttering and releasing emotions and physical blocks
  • identifying and challenging limiting beliefs
  • building self-esteem
  • journaling
  • self-care
  • working with your inner knowing/intuition
  • recognising and changing past patterns

I am committed to seeing you shine but as with any personal development programme, you get out what you put in! You need a willingness to want change and an openness to see things in a different way. If you do, I can support you to transform how you feel about your divorce and your life.



Is it right for me?


Not everyone will be ready for the Moving On Mindset programme and that's ok!

It's right for you if:

  • You've reached some form of acceptance that your relationship is over but you still feel stuck emotionally
  • You've tried different support methods to feel better but nothing is quite getting you out of that rut
  • You've allowed yourself to acknowledge and express some of your grief around your divorce
  • You know you want to feel better but issues around self-esteem or confidence are holding you back
  • You know there's a future life out there but you don't know what you want or how to get it
  • You want to take responsibility for how the next chapter of your life turns out
  • You're willing and ready to shift your mindset around your divorce


It's not right for you if:

  • You are still deeply grieving and you just need counselling to understand or express how you feel
  • You want a solution to win back your ex
  • You believe your happiness is dependent on your current situation or changing how your ex behaves
  • You aren't willing to look at yourself and how you can change to make your life better



Why work with me?


Hello, I'm Marissa Walter and I am passionate about supporting you to move through this heartbreak and live your best life!

Since 2011, following my divorce I have been writing on the subject of transformative healing after break -up. You can read all my supportive and encouraging words here on my blog

In 2017 I published my book "Break Up and Shine"- . In it I shared the process which took me from a place of pain and despair, into building a new, happy and purposeful life for myself.

I run online support for people just like you who are looking to move  on from the pain of divorce into a happier more meaningful life.

I'm a qualified counsellor and have been working with clients for the last 3 years. I specialise in relationship issues and work with individuals and couples.




Praise for Marissa

"Marissa, Wow, you just nailed my feelings exactly. I had to take a deep breath because it felt like I was saying those words. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am grateful."

"Thank you for this. Your pain has made other people’s path much easier to see and understand"

"Marissa was empathic and perceptive. The way in which she reflected back to me and also contributed her own insights and perception was very helpful. Her counselling was very effective and helped me through a very difficult period. "


How The Programme Runs


There are 6 coaching sessions split into weekly themes.

Week 1: Your story and identifying where you are stuck
Week 2: Forgiveness
Week 3: Self-love and Self-esteem
Week 4: Perspective Shifting
Week 5: Decluttering 
Week 6: New Routines and Your Future Goals


Once you book onto the programme, we agree a date and time for our first session. Coaching takes place by video call, or if you are local to me in South Devon and prefer to meet in person, I would be happy to arrange suitable times at my practice location.

Each week I email you in preparation for our session, with exercises or tasks for you to work on.

During our sessions the coaching is based on the theme for the week, exploring what has come up for you and working to make changes to help you move forward.

In between sessions you have email access to me for any queries, to ask for encouragement and to celebrate any good stuff which is happening for you.

Also included is a 1 hour follow up coaching call, which we will schedule in for 6-12 weeks after the final session.


Praise for the Moving On Mindset Programme


"Marissa really understands. She gets it because she's been there. Her tasks and techniques are spot on.

It's like she's a mind-reader! I've been absolutely blown away by how effective her techniques are in tapping

into what's really going on for me and truly changing my mindset.

I'm only half way through this incredible course and I am thankful every day that I signed up. She truly is a gem"


Programme Fees


The Moving On Mindset Coaching Programme is £750


What's included?

  • 6 scheduled one-to-one coaching sessions either online by video call, or in person. Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour and up to 90 mins.
  • Weekly resources and tasks to work on in between sessions
  • Email contact with me throughout the length of the programme
  • An accountability/follow up 1 hour coaching session 

I work with a limited number of clients each month to ensure that I can give you the dedicated support needed to maximise your results. 

If you're ready to book or have any questions, please click below:


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Looking forward to supporting you in moving on to your happier new life,