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New! 3 Part Video Series: What To Do When You're Not Moving Forward


So many people ask me why they find it so hard to implement all the strategies and wisdom they are told will make them feel better. So I created this series for my Facebook group. 

These videos offer supportive, practical advice for how to get out of a rut and do the things you know will help you move forward from your break-up.

Break Up Reminder Cards

Print them off or save to your phone to give yourself a daily prompt! 

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8 ways to focus infographic
5 inconvenient truths infographic 2

Mini Workshop

Changing How You Feel About

The Things You Can't Change



Mini Workshop

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or "Tapping")

For Releasing Stuck Emotions



Break-Up Reframe Journaling

Have you heard that journaling is a great healing tool but you struggle to know what to write about?

Use these daily prompts to inspire you to start shifting your perspective.

FREE Book Chapter

In Chapter One of my book Break Up and Shine, I talk about the classic stages of grief in relation to a break-up.


Click to Download the free PDF where you'll learn how everything you feel is normal and discover my experience of moving through it.



Inspiring Articles!

Over in my blog you will find dozens of inspiring posts to help you shift your perspective and help you feel less alone on this moving on journey.


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Facebook Support Group

Have you ever been in an online break-up support group and come away feeling worse than when you went in?


There’s often a good reason for that.


Somewhere along the way, the “moving on” and inspirational support gets drowned out by pain, complaints, and negativity.


So, when I began the “Break Up and Shine Moving On Community”, I wanted it to be different.


Our group members want to talk about what they are going through, but they are seeking the tools to move through it and heal, rather than simply looking for someone to agree with them that life sucks and tell them what a terrible person their ex-partner was.


Plus! On the first week of each month is a Q&A where you can get direct support for your own individual challenges.


If this feels like the kind of place you would like be, click to come and join us!  



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