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"This book helped me see my divorce in a new way"           

"Anyone who has undergone deep hurt can totally relate to this book"        






What if your broken heart was the best thing to ever happen to you.....


In Break Up and Shine, counsellor and author Marissa Walter shares powerful lessons learned from her divorce to guide you through your emotional pain and see it as an opportunity to move on to a happier life.


Starting with an understanding of grief and how we move through it, the book shares personal experience and offers insights, tools and reflective exercises to help you:


  • Gain perspective on your break-up to see opportunity from the loss;


  • Feel good about yourself as a single person;


  • Release old patterns of pain and blame which keep you stuck in the past;


  • Explore what you want from life now, and how to take steps to get there;


  • Discover when you're ready to find another relationship, and how to use the past to make your next love right for you


Break Up and Shine combines personal experience with inspired wisdom and practical advice, to support you in moving on and making life after the end of your relationship your happiest time yet.


"Loved your book. It helped me so much!! Thank you!"


"Thank you for this. Your pain has made other people's path much easier to see and understand"


"The world needs positive, generous and bighearted divorcees telling their stories"



Break Up and Shine is now available in paperback and e-book.


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Want to inspire happiness in your children?

This fun 12-week journal is especially designed to help increase emotional well-being by encouraging children to notice and appreciate what they have in their lives.


 "this really helped my daughter focus on the positives in her life. Her enthusiasm has been shared with the rest of the family"


"Has helped my kids flip negative thoughts into feeling life isn't so bad"    


Research shows that benefits to regularly practising gratitude include:

- increased mental and physical health

- greater empathy

- higher self-esteem

- better quality relationships


Five a Day Thank You Journal: Helping kids increase positivity through gratitude, is available now on Amazon.