Uncover What’s Blocking You From Moving On!

I know what it’s like when your breakup or divorce has you:


~ Feeling like you’re emotionally going round in circles

~ Trying to move on but can’t quite get clear on what’s holding you back.

~ Taking steps forward but then feeling demoralised by repeated emotional setbacks

~ Getting sucked back into emotionally unhealthy habits.

~ Judging yourself for not having made further progress by now.

~ Resisting doing the things you know will help you.


Are you ready for a way to break through this?


In this in-depth 1:1 session we will:

How will Breakup Breakthrough help me?
Up to now, you have probably been reading or learning about all the things you could be doing to heal, yet something is holding you back from actually doing them. 
It’s not your fault!
Through my client work, as well as personal experience, I know that sometimes we sabotage or resist moving on for many reasons including:
~ Conscious or unconscious beliefs about our own self-worth
~ Fears about what it means to be alone
~ Secret hopes that the relationship could still work out
~ Inability to let go of resentments

~ Feelings of guilt or shame about our part the relationship or break-up


Why it’s important to find your block? 

What if you’ve been thinking that you need to work on your anger, when what you really need is to work on self-forgiveness?

It’s so important that you aren’t wasting valuable healing time focused in the wrong area, feeling stuck and not knowing why. 

In the session we’ll uncover specifically what is holding you back because awareness of this is your key to moving forwards!

What happens in the session?


Step 1. I invite you to talk about your relationship, the break-up and where you are stuck moving on.

But we don’t just talk, which keeps you up in your head. I encourage you to tune into your emotions and physical sensations as we speak.


Step 2. Between us, we create a set of statements based on what you have talked about and what I intuitively pick up as I listen to you.

I guide you through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “tapping” based on your statements.

EFT is a powerful and effective method to help you clarify those thoughts, beliefs and feelings, and release some of the emotional charge around them.

Want to know more about tapping and learn the method?

Check out the mini-workshop below, which I created for my support group.


Step 3.Together we identify your next steps in the moving on process, based on what you have uncovered.


Step 4. You receive a follow up email with:

~ A summary of what we identified in our session.

~ A plan of suggestions and resources tailored to you for moving forward.

Why Work With Me?

Hi, I’m Marissa Walter, creator of Break Up and Shine.

I am passionate about supporting you to move through this painful stressful time, to live your best life!

I’m a qualified counsellor specialising in relationship issues and breakup & divorce coaching.

Since 2011, following my divorce, I have been writing on the subject of transformation after breakup on my blog.

I’ve also been featured in Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global, The Counselling Directory, and published my own book, Break Up and Shine in 2017.

I run free online support for people just like you who are looking to move on from the pain of breakup & divorce into a happier more meaningful life.


Why do I do what I do?

Because my divorce became my catalyst for a better life and I deeply care about helping you to succeed too.

Price And Session Booking

The Break-Up Breakthrough is £222 and sessions last 60 to 90 minutes.

Please note: All sessions take place online via Zoom.

I am based in the UK and call times are listed in GMT/BST

Got any questions? 


Check out the FAQs below!

I’m also happy to answer any queries about the Break-Up Breakthrough session. Simply drop me a message at marissa@marissawalter.com


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it the same as having therapy? 

Breakup Breakthrough is a stand-alone therapeutic session. It will bring up new awareness, emotions and even relief when you get a real “aha!” moment.

The session is a way out of the confusion and stuckness you’ve been feeling, giving motivation, direction and a sense of hope.
It will not heal all of your breakup pain in one session, and no therapy would claim to do so.
If you are already in counselling or therapy, this session can be a great compliment to it but it is not designed to replace it.
What is EFT tapping all about?
If you are brand new to EFT and want to know more I recommend you watch the video mini-workshop (above) to see how it helps.
Why book a session with you if I can tap on my own?
EFT is a great self-help tool, but working alongside a therapist will always help you to become aware of things you may not pick up on for yourself.

One of my strengths is working intuitively and the most common type of feedback I get during counselling sessions is:

“That thing you said before was spot on!”
“You’ve really nailed how I feel.”
“I didn’t realise I was feeling like that until you just said it.”
I will guide you to clarify your thoughts and feelings so that you can really pinpoint where you need to make a breakthrough.
What should I bring to a session?
~ A journal or some paper and a pen will be needed.
~ Make sure you have a space where you are comfortable and uninterrupted for the session duration.
What’s in the post-session report?

Clients have found the post-session report invaluable for giving them a personalised, clear route for moving on. 

After the session you’ll receive a follow up email with:
~ A summary of what we identified
~ A plan of suggestions and resources to help you.
Instead of generic break-up support you are equipped with the knowledge best tailored to you for moving forward.
Will the session mean I need more therapy?
Healing from a break up does not necessarily require counselling therapy.
Many people get through this painful time using self-help, their own inner guidance and a willingness to commit to themselves.
Depending on where you are stuck and the next steps identified from our session, there will be a huge variety of ways for you support yourself in moving on.
If you decide afterwards that some counselling sessions would be beneficial, I am happy to discuss that option. However, there is no expectation or obligation.
Any other questions?
If you have any queries which have not been answered here, drop me an email at marissa@marissawalter.com
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