Journaling Prompts


"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  Wayne Dyer


Being able to shift your perspective is a powerful factor in healing and moving forward from your break-up or divorce!

Journaling on the statements and questions below, will really help to shift the way you see your situation.


Explore the thoughts, emotions and new perspectives which come up for you as you write your responses.

Top Tip! Pick one each day and notice how they change the way you feel over time!

someone who doesn't want me
insta perspective post 3
assignment for growth
alone forever
5 year future self
extract value
right or happy
honest list
rejection of yourself
life you desire
for you instead of to you
what could have been
what would not be possible
one sided relationship
relationship upgrade
loneliness anxious stories
what could have been
situation not challenge
alternative story
Loss is a gain
two things can be true
empoweringly yours
emotions are invitations
ex seems like a better partner
grief as proof
upgrade relatitionship
idealised relationship
12 months
missed opportunity
vehicle for growth
bigger picture
apology never comes
asking the wrong person
core values
apology never comes
nothing inherently scary
compassion for setbacks
craving the potential
one source not entirety
perspective for closure
heartbreak is universal
what does this feeling need
choose to change
celebrate not despair
reset button
So much invested