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I'm Marissa Walter, counsellor and author, and I have been where you are now: 

The marriage you thought would last forever, has ended. It’s been a painful, confusing, chaotic time. Even though you know it’s over, it’s hard to accept that it feels so....final.

You're stuck; trying to imagine a happy future seems impossible.

You still have days where you miss your partner and your old life.

You are dealing with emotions of anger and sadness which you hoped would be over by now. Maybe there was betrayal involved which has left you resentful and unforgiving.

All you can see are the challenges of divorce conflict or single parenthood and each day you feel drained of energy.

It might feel like there is no possibility of a happy future; you’ve had your chance at love and it failed. Maybe you feel too old to start over.

You're tired of feeling like this.....but there’s another part of you that still has a spark of hope that things can get better. Hope that you could feel real happiness; that you will laugh hard and love again.

Time can be a healer but it can also be slow, and you’re aware that this time next year, you don’t want to still feel the way you’re feeling now.

After my marriage ended devastatingly in 2010 I genuinely felt like I could never be happy again. The first step to healing was to allow my grief to be felt.

However, I soon became aware that simply feeling pain and waiting for it to pass wasn't enough. I immersed myself in reading about personal growth and started to write a blog about my experience of healing from heartbreak. 

I realised that moving on more fully and more quickly required change.

I had a choice; I could let the end of my marriage make me bitter, mistrustful and fearful of the future or I could take back control of my life.

I chose to get my spark back and shine. I was not destined for misery because my relationship was over, no matter how deeply I had loved. I owed myself something bigger from life and only I could make that happen.

I am now more content with life than I've ever been. I have a new career where I am passionate about helping people see their lives change for the better after their broken relationships.

I feel happy and more confident with who I am as a person and a mother. 

The truth is that you can move on and be happy too. Change is completely possible but it starts with YOU and how you view your break-up. When you allow yourself to see the opportunity in the loss, your whole world changes.


About my work

I am passionate about supporting you to move through this painful stressful time, to live your best life!

Since 2011, following my divorce I have been writing on the subject of transformation after break -up. You can read all my supportive and encouraging words on my blog.

I've also been published on Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global, The Counselling Directory, and am featured in the 2015 book "Tiny Buddha's 365 Tiny Love Challenges".

I'm a qualified counsellor and have worked with clients since 2015, specialising in relationship issues with individuals and couples, as well as coaching those going through break-ups. This experience led me to create my 30 Day online program "Stop Focusing On Your Ex"

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Thank you for this. Your pain has made other people’s path much easier to see and understand

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Marissa, Wow, you just nailed my feelings exactly. I had to take a deep breath because it felt like I was saying those words.


Marissa was empathic and perceptive. The way in which she reflected back to me and also contributed her own insights and perception was very helpful. Her counselling was very effective and helped me through a very difficult period.


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