I'm Marissa Walter, a mother, writer and counsellor who is passionate about helping you turn the end of your relationship from despair to happiness! After my marriage ended devastatingly in 2010, I began to write a blog about my journey of healing from heartbreak and betrayal. The things I learned took me from a place where I could not envision future happiness to a  life more content than I ever imagined.

I am now more creative and productive than I've ever been. My confidence has soared - I embarked on a new career and run my own business. I feel happy with who I am and my current relationship is emotionally safe, healthy and full of love. 

So how did I turn it around?

At the end of a relationship the grief is real and raw, so the first step to healing is always to allow that pain to be felt. However, I soon became aware that simply acknowledging grief and waiting for it to pass wasn't enough. I realised that moving on from a broken heart more fully and more quickly required some changes within myself.

I had a choice; I could let divorce crush my hopes for the future or I could take back control of my life. In the beginning I genuinely felt like I could never be happy again, but part of me deep inside knew that there was something fundamentally flawed with that thinking. I was not destined for misery at the hands of another person's decisions. I owed myself something bigger from life and only I could make that happen.


My Key To Healing Was In Changing My Perspective And Seeing Loss As An Opportunity To Grow


Break Up and Shine was born from the desire to share what I had learned. It is dedicated to bringing together those suffering from heartbreak to show that, far from being the end of the world, your divorce or break-up is an opportunity to have the best life you possibly can. By becoming fulfilled from within, not only will you be free of the pain from your break up, but your life will look and feel very different and beautiful new opportunities will await you.