Hi, I'm Marissa Walter, mother, writer, counsellor and woman on a mission to be happy and see others happy! After my marriage ended devastatingly in 2010, I began to write a blog about my journey of conscious healing from heartbreak and betrayal. From a place of despair where I couldn't see how I could ever be happy again, my life now is more fulfilled and content than I ever imagined.

I chose not to be a victim of what happened to me, and it's changed how I view my whole life. I have three beautiful children to whom I owe the world; being their mother was the catalyst to pull me through. I am now more creative than I've ever been and I am on the path to earning a living doing what I love. My current relationship is emotionally safe, healthy and full of love.

This site is dedicated to bringing together those suffering from heartbreak and/or betrayal to show that far from being the end of the world, the end of your relationship is an opportunity to have the best life you possibly can. 

So how did I turn it around and what is "conscious healing"?

Conscious healing is healing with awareness of the whole self not just the 'problem'. After trauma in our lives we most often turn to our minds for a solution. We seek behaviour therapy, alternative therapy, medication, feel-good mood lifters, and the advice of those we love to bring us out of our pain. All of these can be vital to our peace of mind and recovery. They make us feel right again, normal again. But sometimes it's not enough. If we get over the break up but haven't learned anything about ourselves from it, we waste a perfect opportunity to grow.

My healing from heartbreak came as a result of the need to learn how to be the best version of Me that I could. In the beginning I felt like I could never be happy again, but something deep inside knew that there was something fundamentally flawed with that thinking. I was not destined for misery at the hands of another person's behaviour. Only I could make things right for myself, and it became my calling to do so.

True healing can't be done from the outside, only by looking within. By becoming fulfilled from within, not only will you be free of the pain from your break up, but your life will look and feel very different and beautiful new opportunities will await you.

So remember, you are here to be happy and no one has the power to take that away from you. Take back control of your life and Shine!