When my last relationship ended, I didn’t really understand why. After eight years together and still feeling love for each other, my partner walked away saying he didn’t feel able to commit.

He didn’t want to work on the relationship because he felt that nothing would change for him. So, I had no choice but to let it end and do everything I could to pick myself up from deep grief, intensified by great confusion.

Now, over a year later, I still cannot give you a definitive reason as to why we broke up. I do still think about the breakup and occasionally it can bring up emotion, even now.

But these days, instead of that burning need to understand and make sense of it, I have a more distanced curiosity when I think about the reasons we ended. I think this might be that elusive state we call “closure.” 


My latest post is another article published for Tiny Buddha. I’ve talked a bit about breakup closure before, but in response to so many questions from clients and readers, this article dives deeper, looking at:

  • What we mean by breakup closure
  • Why we need it so badly
  • Why you’ll never get true closure by looking to your ex-partner
  • How to reframe closure to acknowledge your progress and accept your feelings







Click to read the full piece over at Tiny Buddha to learn how to dispel some of the myths about what closure means, and how to get it for yourself 💗


With love and support,


Breakup Closure: 6 Important Things You Need To Know

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