angel chamuelHow much has your soul been part of your breakup healing?

I’m not a traditionally religious person. In fact, I actively rejected what I felt were restrictive faith teachings as a teenager.

But I’ve always had a sense of something “bigger than me” working in my life. It’s available to give me support and guidance when I get quiet and listen for it.


I think of it as my soul which is always concerned with my best interests, in a way that my overthinking and worrying mind cannot do.

Some people describe it as inner wisdom or intuition, some as universal connection, some as God.

When I tune into it I am led to new opportunities or inspiring ideas. I trust that things are going to be OK and that life was meant to have purpose. It brings a sense of relief and a feeling that I don’t have to do it all alone.

Divorce Mindset still matters

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love mindset work.  Shifting perspective and changing our thinking patterns are powerful factors in getting through the pain of a breakup. But in those dark hours when all you can feel is loneliness or despair, sometimes a mental reframe doesn’t cut it; we need deeper faith in ourselves to get through.

My belief that my soul was utterly rooting for me to get through my breakup,  was my driving force prior to discovering  any healing tool, method or process.

Tools for your breakup healing journey

I read an amazing book called “Spirit Junkie” by Gabrielle Bernstein about a year after my marriage ended, and all the things I already felt to be true for me, fell into place. It’s a book I recommend on my Breakup and Divorce Reading List.

Whatever “spirituality” means to you, I encourage you to let it in as part of your healing journey.

Why? Because it takes away half the painful workload when you believe that deep down you are supported and loved by life! 💗


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