If you are currently going through a break-up you might find yourself wondering what the hell you are supposed to feel, in the context of what’s  going on in the world.

Should you have different or better priorities right now?

Is it selfish to be thinking of your heartbreak when there is so much else happening?

Is it weird that you can’t tune into the global anxiety because your small corner of the world currently feels much more real?

Maybe it works the other way for you. Perhaps the significance of world events has made you take a huge step back from your personal grief and pain.

You might have had a shift in perception, so that your break-up now seems like a small blip in a much bigger picture of the world and your life.

Feelings about your ex

Do you miss your partner more than ever right now? You might be longing for the comfort of their touch, at a time where we are being told to physically distance from others.

Then again, maybe you are finding it easier to let go, recognising that when this pandemic is all over, there will be a world of people out there. Maybe some whose hearts and souls have been opened by this brush with mortality, looking for the right connection. And that connection could be you.

You might feel one way one today and completely different tomorrow

Check what’s true for you

Coronavirus may be right up in your reality if you know people affected or at risk. Or it might be simply a news story that only affects your ability to leave the house.

You might feel scared or lonely. You might feel hopeful, optimistic or creative.

Are you using the situation to distract you from thoughts of your break-up and your ex?

Or do you see an opportunity to go within, process your healing and discover more about who you really are?

You might be realising that this is a great time to recognise who else is in your life that you could give more love to now that you are without a partner. That person might be you. Could you make it you?

Don’t judge yourself

There is no right or wrong to the way you feel. This situation is so unprecedented, so ripe for interpretation that nobody can judge its impact on a broken heart.

Feel what you feel. Stay connected to yourself and to people who understand.

With love and support,


Breakup In A Pandemic: Whatever You Feel Is Ok

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