This August marks a whole year since I published my book “Break Up and Shine: The End Of Your Relationship Is The Making Of You”!

I started writing partly as self-healing, partly as a way to reach out and inspire others going through the same. I knew I wasn’t the only one out there going through the difficult divorce emotional stages. Eight years on, I continue to write this blog because I really love it and I know that it reaches people who need it.

Becoming published was a proud achievement for me. In Break Up and Shine I combine the wisdom I’ve learned both personally, and as a counsellor, to share the story of how I turned my life around post-divorce. I’m passionate about helping people see the opportunity in their loss!

To mark the publishing anniversary I’ve decided to share a chapter from Break Up and Shine with you; you can click on the link below to download the free PDF.
Moving on from the loss of a significant relationship involves acknowledging and honouring the grief that comes with it. In Chapter One I talk about the classic stages of grief in relation to a break-up. Click on the link below, where you will learn how everything you feel is normal and discover my experience of moving through it.


Break Up and Shine Chapter One: Grieving Your Loss


Please feel free to share with anyone who might need this!

With love and support,

Divorce Emotional Stages – Free Book Chapter

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