IMG_2392I’m so excited to announce that Break Up and Shine is published and available to buy! I started writing this blog in 2012 because I knew I wasn’t the only person to feel stuck and in pain after divorce. There are so many people trying to make sense of the fact that the relationship they believed was a for life, is now over. When things will never be the same again, how do you cope with the change?

During my most painful moments, I looked for support in books and online. I found that the more I managed to shift my perspective, the better I felt. I wrote a blog because I wanted to share these “aha” moments with others struggling with the same emotions.

As people shared with me that they found the blog inspiring and helpful, a divorce self-help book emerged. I wanted to let others know, in a very straightforward and accessible way, how things turned round for me . In Break Up and Shine I share what I learned about grieving, perspective, forgiveness and self-love. As well as personal insights and practical advice, there are reflective questions in each chapter to help you acknowledge where you are and challenge you to move forwards.

Make this your time to Shine!








“this book helped me see my divorce in a new way” 


Divorce Self Help: Your Time To Shine!

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