Are you hurting at the end of your relationship?

Does it feel too soon to imagine being happy again? Do you believe that it’s even possible?

Welcome to Break Up and Shine! It’s a place where I share my story, words of wisdom and support for anyone going through separation or divorce right now.

In the beginning, I couldn’t see beyond my grief. Devastated at the end of my marriage; unable to believe that my husband was telling me it was over; betrayed by an affair and overwhelmed at being a single mother of three small children. I didn’t know how I would ever be ok again.

But I can truly, hand on heart, say that am glad that it happened. Because today my life is more wonderful than it ever would have been had I stayed married.

If your break-up is very recent for you, well done for getting up and facing the day. I know the strength that it takes.

If it’s been a while but your life still doesn’t seem to be moving on from the break-up, that’s completely normal; things start to get so much better as your perspective shifts.

You are not alone and it WILL be ok.

Marissa  ♥

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